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Re: Theropod phylogenies

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From: "ekaterina A" <a_ekaterina@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 2:14 AM

> For example the clade
> ecdysozoa was much advertised in the tabloids based on
> limited molecular analysis.

I wouldn't consider Nature & Science tabloids, let alone Cladistics... true,
the original analysis (Nature, 1997) was based on very short sequences and
not worth much, but better analyses find it again and again.

> However, more careful
> molecular analysis showed that it was not supported by
> much of the available data.

Very interesting. Ref, please. Even the morphology seems to support it --
three-layered moulted cuticle with chitinous endocuticle and multilayered
epicuticle; funny things in the mouth (introvert/mouth cones, like in
*Aysheaia* and pantopods and anomalocaridids perhaps); absence of "acron"
and "telson" in arthropods despite their presence (called prostomium and
pygidium) in annelids; ...