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Re: Marine question

David Marjanovic says:  

<<  Cenomanian ichthyosaurs seem to be very, very rare; BTW, all K
ichthyosaurs are referred to *Platypterygius*. >>

       "Well now, I wouldn't say that...", as the old Warner Bros. cartoons 
used to say. They pop up fairly often in the Mowry Shale that encircles the 
Black Hills in South Dakota and especially in Wyoming. We collected one for 
the SDSM&T about ten years ago (!). Wade Miller from BYU collected one there, 
too, I believe. A stroll down the roads to the bentonite mines would produce 
ichthyosaur verts in the "road metal". The Mowry is neat as it supports a 
characteristic forest of stunted cedars or junipers. Kind of a quiet, haunted 
place out in the sage prairie. DV