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RE: Marine question

> The Cryptoclidids(whatever that means) did not
> disappear at the J/C
> boundary - Kaiwhhekea (CRUICKHSHANK & FORDYCE 2002),
> from the upper
> Haumurian (Cenomanian/Maastrichtian) of New Zealand
> shows that they survived
> pretty well right up to the KT boundary. 

True, my data was old (Bakker 1993). 

Another Possible post-Jurassic cryptocleidid is
_Aristonectes_ but this is regarded by various workers
as a member of, well nearly every clade. You know how
much of a mess the phylogeny is. 

For the original message, how about replacing
'cryptocleidids' with 'some specialised plesiosaurs'? 

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