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Adam Smith wrote....
> Eusauropterygia was proposed by Storrs (1993)for a
> more exclusive clade within Sauropterygia. However,
> subsequent revision of sauropterygian
> interrelationships (Rieppel, 1998)revealed it to be
> polyphyletic and therefore redundant. I wasn't aware
> the term was still in formal use. Am I missing a key
> reference?

Check any of Rieppel's papers from the last 4-5 years. 
Eusauropterygia (proposed by Tscahnz 1989, not Storrs 
1993) is used as the nothosauroid + pistosauroid clade. 
Pachypleurosaurs, previously argued by Rieppel (1998) as 
sister group to Nothosauroidea, are presently regarded as 
the sister-group to the Eusauropterygia. 

Pachypleurosauria + Eusauropterygia = Eosauropterygia. 

Eosauropterygia + Placodontia = Sauropterygia, thus 
placodonts are the most basal sauropterygians known at 

It's not entirely helpful that eosauropterygians and 
eusauropterygians have names that differ by only one letter.


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