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Re: theropod phylogenies

Darren Naish <darren.naish@port.ac.uk> wrote:

while cladistics consistently supports the nesting of birds within Theropoda, even if you are a vehement frothing-at-the-mouth never-to-
be-converted angry ANTI-cladist, simple morphological comparison will
convince you that birds are theropods. Indeed, note that many who support the theropod nature of birds are highly critical of cladistics (e.g., Bakker, Frey).

Last I heard, Peter Dodson and John Ostrom were also highly critical of cladistics; and both favor an origin for birds among theropod dinosaurs. The idea that birds-are-dinosaurs is merely a cladist obsession (or 'Movement' sensu Olson) is a mischaracterization of the debate.


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