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Re: Ornithopoda Marsh 1871 or 1881

In a message dated 2/5/03 11:59:14 AM EST, omateus@mail.telepac.pt writes:

<< I have seen in several papers the clade Ornithopoda been attributed to 
Marsh 1871 but in other papers to Marsh 1881. Does anyone knows which date 
(1871 or 1881) is the correct? >>

The paper is

Marsh, O. C., 1881. "Principal Characters of American Jurassic Dinosaurs, 
Part V," American Journal of Science, 3rd series, 21: 417-423.

Steel, 1969 listed the reference as 1871 and lots of people, myself included 
(MM #2), have copied this error without checking. It would be a good idea to 
doublecheck the 1881 reference if you can (my copy is buried somewhere so I 
can't check it conveniently); if you find it's not there, let me know and 
I'll dig further. In 1871, Marsh wasn't yet into publishing on dinosaurs, so 
that's almost certainly not the right date.