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RE: New Dinosauricon Taxon Pages: _Therizinosauria_

--- Morgan Churchill <mmcjawa@yahoo.com> wrote:
> you would be surprised I think.  I am not really fond of the concept of
> picking up a good book in the future on paleontology and seeing the revised
> species names replacing all the old familar ones.

I picked Method M because there *is* no real revising. You simply cite the
literature when you wish to distinguish between homonymous trivial nomina,
optionally specifying a clade address as well (in essence the same as a
binomial). Aside from the clade address being optional, and the citation being
required at least once, there is no real orthographic difference. I haven't
renamed anything (which, as an amateur enthusiast publishing only on the
Internet, would be the height of pretentiousness), nor have I invalidated the
customary form of writing species. You still have your _Tyrannosaurus_ _rex_,
your _Triceratops_ _horridus_, etc.

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