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Yes... The Beast is pretty much of an enigma... which is why it's as neat as it 
is. Mr. Naish, thanks for the tid bit on the suggestion of it being a 
*Machairodus*. I must have somehow missed that this was thought of as a 
possibility when I thumbed through the literature. (I also need to get the 
director's cut on DVD.) And by the way, a person who's friend worked on the CG 
for the Beast wrote me and said it was supposed to have been a regular old 
modern lion. Well, if that's the case, the only thing I am disappointed in is 
the animation, sorry to say.

But anyway... Back to why I wrote what I wrote to begin with. The opinions 
about the movie are nice and all, but, that's not why I brought this up. It's 
about creodonts. Anyone know of any good books on creodonts... I'd like to get 
my hands on a good antilodont book as well.