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Re: Mickey's Coelurosaur Analysis Update

Mickey wrote-
The consensus was-
      |  |--Utahraptor
      |  |--Dromaeosaurus
      |  |--Deinonychus
      |  |--Saurornitholestes
      |  |--Velociraptor
      |  |--IGM 100/1015
      |  |--Bambiraptor
      |  `--Sinornithosaurus

You see, dromaeosaurids, Ornitholestes, and tyrannosaurids are all relatively close to each other. Just as I suggested a long time ago, but no longer believe for obvious reasons. ;-)

         |  |  `--+--Segnosaurus
         |  |     `--Erlikosaurus
         |  `--+--Caudipteryx zoui
         |     `--+--Caudipteryx sp. nov.
         |        `--+--Avimimus
         |           `--+--Incisivosaurus
         |              |--Nomingia
         |              |--Microvenator
         |              |--Chirostenotes
         |              `--Oviraptoridae

Looks pretty standard, aside from the

            |  |  `--Pelecanimimus
            |  `--+--Garudimimus
            |     `--Ornithomimidae
               |  `--+--Alvarezsaurus
               |     `--Mononykinae
                  |  `--+--Byronosaurus
                  |     `--+--Sinornithoides
                  |        `--+--Saurornithoides mongoliensis
                  |           `--+--Saurornithoides junior
                  |              `--Troodon
                           |  `--+--Jeholornis
                           |     `--Archaeopteryx

Aside from the placement of Avimimus as an oviraptorosaur and Archaeopteryx and dromaeosaurids not being sistergroups, it does not appear all that different from the phylogeny suggested by Gregory S. Paul in Predatory Dinosaurs of the World.

Did you include the characters in Makovicky's PhD thesis that found Ornitholestes close to the dromaeosaurids or the characters that HP Headden suggested for the possibility of O. being close to oviraptorosaurs?

I had to exclude Therizinosaurus and Borogovia due to the fact no cranial or axial remains are known.

You will of course be including them in the rest of your analysis, right?

Interesting.  Confuciusornis ended up as an avian, far away from

Will you be including Sapeornis, Epidendrosaurus, Cryptovolans, Changchengornis, Jibeinia, Erliansaurus, Neimongosaurus, Nothronychus, Eshanosaurus, and Protopteryx in your analysis at all? And have you considered coding Oviraptoridae as separate OTUs?

I'll probably do another update when I
get most of the pectoral and forelimb characters coded.

W4MA... ;-)

Nick Gardner

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