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Hi all
just to end the non-dinosaurian thread (before our respected list co-owners do 
it ;-).Here in France, the Beast from Gevaudan has created many legends.There 
are facts (already cited on this thread).One point is that one of the main 
protagonists involved in the Beast affair (a suspect,I mean,the hunter himself) 
spent many years in Africa.It is believed (no certainty, here, just 
presumptions) that he brought back a lion (or more probably a lionness, as the 
animal is said not to have a (sorry, my English ends ere again) "criniere",that 
hair around the head).Many witnesses had said that either the Beast was kind of 
striped like a hyaena,others said that it was lion-like coloured(they actually 
didn't use these words but I can't recall,again,the word for this colour.Age is 
a big problem).One thing is sure: there wasn't ONE Beast,and it wasn't a 
wolf.That was my point.

As for Mickey's analysis : Chapeau,my friend,for a trial(as you say),it's a 
good one.Keep on.

See:I mentionned something dinosaur-related.