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Re: New refs (medium)

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 DinoBoyGraphics@aol.com wrote:
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>      One last thing, I'm not aware of any really compelling evidence
> for really large herds of sauropods.  I know of trackways of small
> herds, and multiple skeletal associations, but nothing like those
> known for certaopsians and hadrosaurs.  Lockley has described some
> "highways" of sauropod tracks, but they likely represent accumulations
> of lots of independat herds/individuals crossing at different times.  

"Different times" would have to fit into the time it took for the ground 
to dry out, so this will be a somewhat narrow slot. Should not the tracks
show different characteristics as the drying proceeded? That would mean a
rough estimate of the passage of time and track manufacture could be made.

(I have Lockley's book but it's been eons since I read it and I don't have
it handy at the moment either, so that may something answerable in the

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