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Re: Dino-Birds publication by Angela Milner


Have a look in the DINOBOOKS section of DINOSAURNEWS for this publication

Table of Contents:
Ancient wing
Enter the 'raptors'
Feathers from China
Plumes, fans, feathers and fluffy coats
Feathers and flight paths
Early birds
Time and place

Price: £5.95

best wishes

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> Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org asks:
> << It mentions that Angela Milner
> has published a book called "Dino-Birds" to go with the
> London exhibit. Has anyone seen the book? >>
> Haven't seen it, but go here to order:
> http://internt.nhm.ac.uk/cgi-bin/nhmshop/itembooksh.dsml?bskt=&itemno=177
>        DV