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RE: Rigby's Tyrannosaur

> Greetings all,
> I just watched an episode of Plaeoworld on the Science Channel
> where it was
> stated that Rigby's giant Tyrannosaurus rex tops out at 65 feet
> long. I was
> incredulous.

As well you should be...

> Is this an estimate, based on the legnth of the
> pelvis?

Estimate, or wild extrapolation...

> Or is it
> an accurate measurement of the skeleton as a whole?

What "skeleton as a whole"?!?!  Only a few parts were discovered, especially
as the folks who had started to collect it did so with a backhoe... :-S

> Has Rigby
> published his
> findings? I assume so, as this ended up on TV and all.

Ummm, no.  Do NOT assume because something is on TV that it has gone through
peer review!!  Far from it!

> Or is this
> still yet
> another "wait-for-the-paper" moment?


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