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BIODIVERSITY TODAY - number of species

Good day to all.
You may find this not dinosaur-related query, but after all - aren't
birds dinosaurs? I was told by my botany teacher that there's not
more than 1.7 million species of recent (eucaryot) organisms. I
didn't believe that and made my own research. I'd be grateful if
anyone could check these figures. I'm sorry for my incidental grammar
mistakes or incorrect english terms for any group of organisms.

Procaryotes (Procaryota) cca 4000

-Bacteria (Archaebacteria & Eubacteria) cca 2000 

-Cyanophyta cca 2000

Eucaryotes (Eucaryota) cca 2.8 million

-Protozoa cca 25.000

-Sponges (Fungi) 100.000+

-Plants (Plantae) cca 400.000
:"lower plants-algae" (Thallobionta) cca 25.000 (?)
:"higher plants" (Cormobionta)
*Bryophyta cca 25.000
*Pteridophyta cca 11.000
*Spermatophyta 305.000+
**Gymnospermae cca 1500?
**Angiospermae cca 300.000
**-Liliopsida (cca 55.000)
**-Magnoliopsida (cca 250.000)

-Animals (Animalia) cca 2.3 million
(Diblastica ?)
:Porifera cca 5.000
:Cnidaria+Placozoa cca 9.400
:Ctenophora cca 5.500
(Triblastica ?)
:Entoprocta cca 4.000
:Plathelmintes cca 10.000
:Nemathelmithes cca 12.000
:Annelida cca 12.000
:Arthropoda cca 2.0 million
:Mollusca cca 40.000
:Echinodermata cca 6.000
:other-nonchordates ?
:Chordata 105.000+ 
*Urochordata ? (few)
*Cephalochordata ? (few)
*Vertebrata cca 105.000
**Cyclostomata cca 60.000
**Gnathostomata cca 44.000
**-Chondrichthyes cca 700
**-"Pisces" cca 21.000
**-"Amphibia" cca 3.100
**-"Reptilia" cca 6.600
**-"Aves" cca 9.600 
**-"Mammalia" cca 4.600

primary source: The living world, 1991

"Plus est in opinione, quam in veritate"

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