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Protoceratops forelimbs

Okay, another Protoceratops question:
What about the forelimbs?  Large ceratopsians (as we have discussed at
great length) held their forelimbs slightly bent at the elbows with the
feet angled outward relative to the body's axis.  This has been
established based upon joint structure and footprints (right?)
So what about Protoceratops?  Here we have a basal ceratopsian whose
forelimbs are still relatively short and had (may have had?) an upward
angle to the spine as the hips are placed higher than the shoulders.
So, should the elbows have bent as much as in larger ceratopsians?  That
would make the length difference between fore and hind legs even
greater, and Protoceratops would really crouch low.  
Also, are the front feet angled outward?