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Re:Archaeoceratops Synonymy?

Justin Tweet (thescelosaurus@juno.com) wrote:

<Actually, I think it is *Microceratops* and *Graciliceratops* that may be
synonyms.  *Gobiceratops* is based on material originally referred to *M.

  I am unaware of any "Gobiceratops" to date. Nothing published, anyway.

  *Microceratops* was named by Bohlin for a partial jaw and some teeth, as
*M. sulcidens*, a name that references the plesiomorphic, distinctive
fluting of the crown.

  Maryanska and Osmólska later, along with naming *Bagaceratops* and
*Protoceratops? kozlowskii*, named *Microceratops gobiensis*, a new
species, on the basis of a partial cranial and postcranial skeleton. The
cranial would include a partial frill, upper jaw, and snout with cheek, as
well as a lower jaw. This material was assumed to be very similar to *M.
sulcidens* as compared to any other Mongolian or North American
non-ceratopsid known to date.

  Sereno recently considered the type and only known material of *M.
sulcidens* to be of insufficient diagnostic value to support referral of a
new species, and remove *M. gobiensis* to a new "genus,"
*Graciliceratops.* Thus the combination is *Graciliceratops gobiensis*
Sereno (Maryanska and Osmólska). Thus, the general concept published as
*Microceratops* is now referenced under the name *Graciliceratops*.


Jaime A. Headden

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