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Re: Protoceratops Stance

  Victor Tereshchenko (at the Paleontological Institute, Moskva, Russia)
has done analyses on the stance and gait of *Protoceratops*, not that it
receives much attention being published in _Palyeontologichyeskii

  Tereshchenko, V.S. 1991. On the reconstruction of the vertebral colum of
*Protoceratops*. _Palaeontological Journal_ 25 (2): 86-96.

  Tereshchenko, V.S. 1994. On the reconstruction of the static pose in
*Protoceratops*. Ibidem, 28 (1): 85-97.

  Tereshchenko, V.S. 1996. A reconstruction of the locomotion of
*Protoceratops*. Ibidem, 30 (2): 232-245.

  The arm is vertical, and the leg has a neccessary lateral angle of the
knee (lateral, fibular condyle of the femur extends further along the
femoral midline than does the medial, tibial condyle, resulting in an
angled cnemial articulation about 25 degrees from the perpendicular of the
femoral long axis ... this is found in many dinosaurs and is nothing
special, apparently to accomodate knee flexion around a wider gut).


Jaime A. Headden

  Little steps are often the hardest to take.  We are too used to making leaps 
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