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[Fwd: Dino Bird animation]

Dino Guy Ralph wrote:

> Sorry about the cross posting, but I thought that people would want to
> see the web pages about the "Dino Bird" exhibit at the Natural History
> Museum in London at <www.nhm.ac.uk/museum/tempexhib/dinobirds.htm>.
> Click on "Dinobirds" --which is at
> <www.nhm.ac.uk/museum/tempexhib/dinobirds/dinobirds.htm> -- and you can
> view "A Quicktime movie showing how 'Fuzzy raptor' may have used its
> feathered arms."  You can see it running along on level ground, and then
> running on an incline while flapping its little wings in the manner of
> the recent _Science_ paper on wing assisted incline running in chukar
> partridges.
> --------Ralph W. Miller III
>             ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu