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Cretaceous Cabaret * Dino Door Stops & Window Jambs * Waiting in the Wings * Sea Monster with a Toothache - DINOSAURNEWS

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

Last year we brought you 740 dinosaur stories of international interest -
this year we'll bring you 750 more!

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The headlines:

**  This Week's Feature Site: Dino-ROAR
He raises his crest into the air, takes a deep breath and suddenly the earth
is shaken by a deep rumbling cry of warning.

**  Past shipments to Thesaurus have drawn Customs scrutiny
A 1997 shipment said to contain a dinosaur head and antiquities from China
was blocked after the U.S. Department of Agriculture objected to importing
foreign soil mixed with the objects

**  How Asteroids Trigger Volcanos
Large asteroid impacts have nasty side effects, as any dinosaur could have
told you were she not obliterated by one of these calamity combos 65 million
years ago


**  Paleontologist finds new tracks
" This is the world's best dinosaur swimming tracks," Milner said. "They are
one of a kind. They are world class. It's not national treasures; it's

**  Ichthyosaur find may challenge notions about prehistoric migrations
Chilean tourist guides thought this boulder was painted, but Stanford
geologists determined that it contains the vertebrae and ribs of a rare
ichthyosaur fossil

**  Haddonfield celebrates a hometown dinosaur
"They were using them as door stops and window jambs!" she told The New York
Times. "Imagine!"

**  T. Rex 'Sue' Makes a Splash in Idaho Falls
When Sue rolled into town -- her pieces in 27 crates aboard three
semi-trucks - she had a six-police-car escort

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**  Dinosaur Dreaming 2003
This season is expected to result in the cataloguing of approximately 1000
more fossil bones and teeth, and hopefully evidence of new species of
animals will be found, as well as more complete fossils of the species
already known to be present

**  Waiting in the wings
But not all scientists have been convinced that "dino-fuzz" led to the
evolution of feathers, and some argue that these hair-like structures can't
really be called feathers

**  Sea monster with a toothache
Things went from bad to worse when the juvenile ichthyosaur became sick or
was attacked, and was left for dead on the seabed

**  Chinese Dragon
Dinosaur fossils are so plentiful in China's Liaoning Province, even the
locals are part-time paleontologists

**  Sure, Dinosaurs Can Act But Can They Sing?

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