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The following just in...

Buffetaut, E., Jurkovsek, B. & Kolar-Jurkovsek, T. 2002. A 
fossil feather from the Upper Cretaceous of Kras (Slovenia). 
_C. R. Palevol_ 1, 705-710.

An asymmetrical feather from the lagoonal Tomaj limestone 
(part of the Santonian-Campanian Lipca Fm) is reported. It 
cannot be identified, though they note it might not be from a 
bird. Buffetaut et al. seem to accept avialan status for 
oviraptorosaurs as they cite Maryanska et al. (2002). If it is 
from a bird it augments the poor Late K record of European 
birds (French enantiornithines, _Volgavis_, possible 
hesperornithiforms from Sweden and _Gargantuavis_ are 

On another note, does anyone know of any recent work that 
has helped resolve the controversial age of 
_Dyslocosaurus_? And yes I know what Wilson & Sereno 

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