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Digimorph Site (Citipati osmolskae scans on-line)

    I'm not sure anyone has mentioned this, but the UT CT lab maintains a
site where you can access CT data on specimens scanned at our facility. The
address is:


    Much of the material available on-line is Recent skeletal material, and
it represents a wonderful resource for anatomists. For example: should you
be interested in the mosasaur-snake debate, you might have read Olivier
Rieppel's comment that the dorsally inclined parasphenoid rostrum of
_Varanus_ noted by other authors is a result of shrinkage during drying.
Well, we've got a scan of a whole _Varanus_, not flensed or dried, and the
"magic" of CT scanning allows you to see through the soft tissues to the

    Now, most of you will be interested in the dinosaurs. There are pictures
of the _Aepyornis_ egg featured at the last two SVP meetings, as well as
newly posted images of the skull of _Citipati osmolskae_. Sadly, there isn't
much in the way of ornithischians. Oh well, you'll have to learn to live
with theropod stuff.

Jonathan R. Wagner
2625-B Alcott Lane
Austin, TX 78748