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 Now I m working on Saichania. I try to find some information about it. How 
many cervical,  dorsal, sacral and caudal vertebrae Saichania had. If anybody 
knows, please contact me.
 I now only 4 specimen of Saichania:
GI 101/151 [holotype]:  skull with mandibles & the anterior part of postcranial 
skeleton & armor in natural articulation;
PIN 3142/251: skull with, partial postcranial skeleton including tail club & 
ZPAL MgD   1/112
ZPAL MgD   1/114: skull roof fragment, armor.
If anybody has pictures of Tianzhenosaurus,  Saichania (from Maryanska 1977 or 
from Tumanova 1987) or something to add  about Saichania, please contact me.