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Old Dinosaur Books!

The DML is in the doldrums lately, so here's a bit of nostalgia to liven 
things up a bit. I had a number of the earlier books which I fondly remember 
giving me many happy hours back in my salad days. Sadly, one of these met its 
demise when my friend's youth pastor brain-washed him and he burned the 
dinosaur books and Turok comics I had loaned to his brother. That still hurts 
many, many years later. Bunch of !@##@! Nazis! It's also nice seeing a few 
things by the late Bill Scheele (that book was a Christmas present from Santy 
back in 19-ought-57). And where would we be without Jane Werner Watson and 
Bertha Morris Parker and all those other ladies with three names? DV