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Bahariasaurus & other questions

1) What is Bahariasaurus ingens? Is it a carnosaur closely related to the carcharodontosaurines (as was traditionally assumed) a basal tetanuran with unknown affinities, or is it possibly a basal coelurosaur similar to Deltadromeus?
2) Has the Milk River lambeosaurine, as mentioned in Jack Horner's Dinosaur Lives (or was it Digging Dinosaurs? My memory fails me here...) been conclusively identified to any currently known genus of lambeosaurine?
3) Have skull elements of Lambeosaurus laticaudus been discovered? If so, do they point to L. laticaudus having a crest like L. lambei, like L. magnicristatus, or as having a crest unique to its species? I've also seen Lambeosaurus being described as growing to 50 feet. Is this measurement applicable only to L. laticaudus or to all species of Lambeosaurus? (Would have been interesting to see a pack of Gorgosaurus try & take down a 50-foot lambeosaur)
4) Have the two new species of ceratopsid (one centrosaurine, one chasmosaurine) from the Lower Campanian been described & named yet?
5) Are Zuniceratops & Avaceratops considered true ceratopsids or merely basal coronosaurs?

Hmm... or do I have to Wait For The Paper to get answers to all the above questions?

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