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Nervous Rex * Local Dinosaur gets it Due * Warty Giant * Dinosaur Egg nests in Perth * 3D Dino Views - DINOSAURNEWS

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

Last year we brought you 740 dinosaur stories of international interest -
this year we'll bring you 750 more!

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The headlines:

**  Rare dinosaurs descend on museum for exhibit
" Almost all of them were discovered in Mongolia, because the preservation
of the rocks was so good there - the dinosaurs were everywhere, but very
often the rocks from their time have been destroyed"

**  Dinosaur egg will nest in Perth
A fossil egg laid in France by a dinosaur about 70 million years ago has
been donated to the WA Museum

**  This Week's feature Site: Nakasato Virtual Museum
A small fossil like a tooth or a claw is usually video-captured with certain
magnification, so that a viewers can obtain more detailed features from the
QTVR object


**  Ready for take-off
For more than a hundred million years it lay buried beneath the mud in a
remote corner of China.

**  Local dinosaur will finally get its due on 'Dino Day'
Why all the pomp and circumstance for an extinct leaf-eating relic from a
land before time?

**  Baby Dinosaurs: A Prehistoric Playground
Baby dinosaurs are taking over the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science for
12 weeks

**  Fossil fan's invite to bone up on dinosaurs
He started to find fossils and his hobby turned into an obsession as he
travelled the length of the UK looking for dinosaur bones and rare examples
of stones

**  Dinosaur-age Tree Fern Discovered in Henan
Chinese botanists have discovered large areas of alsophila spinulosa, a rare
tree species that has survived since the era when dinosaurs dominated the

**  Research Casts Doubt on 'Killer' Dinosaur T Rex
A new study suggests Tyrannosaurus Rex was more a scavenger than the
bloody-curdling predator depicted in Jurassic Park

FEATURE PUBLICATION:  A Field Guide to Dinosaurs : The Essential Handbook
for Travellers in the Mesozoic.
This beautifully produced and illustrated volume is the result of
sophisticated scientific research. However, it has been written in clear
laymen's language for non-scientists who have serious interest in
palaeontology. CLICK on this link:

**  Warty NZ giant beetled about with dinosaurs
With its brown, warty body covered in patches of bristles and a crust of
waxy secretions, Archaeophylax worthyi provides palaeontologists and
entomologists with a tantalising glimpse of early New Zealand

**  Other Fossil News: More Fossils of Indricotherium Discovered in Xinjiang
Chinese archaeologists have found more fossils of Indricotherium, a kind of
gigantic rhinoceros that lived more than 25 million years ago

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