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Re: other questions

Quoting Chris Collinson <chris_collinson@hotmail.com>:

> Is it likely that Avaceratops represents a possible ancestor to Triceratops,
> being the only other ceratopsian without parietal fenestrae? And is it 
> lammersi or lammersorum, I've seen both.

I'd say it's unlikely, as _Avaceratops_ retains a number of primitive 
characters lost in _Triceratops_ and the other chasmosaurines.

If I have the story right, Dodson originally coined the name as _Avaceratops 
lammersi_.  But he actually intended to name the animal for the Lammers 
*family*, and not just one (male) Lammers, so it really should be 
_lammersorum_.  Dodson didn't like having his name screwed with and so 
continues to use _lammersi_.

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan