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Re: other questions

At 12:42 PM 2/16/2003, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
In a message dated 2/16/03 9:03:59 AM Pacific Standard Time,
npharris@umich.edu writes:

<< If I have the story right, Dodson originally coined the name as
_Avaceratops lammersi_. But he actually intended to name the animal for the Lammers *family*, and not just one (male) Lammers, so it really should be _lammersorum_. Dodson didn't like having his name screwed with and so continues to use _lammersi_. >>

I emended the species name to lammersorum shortly after Peter published his paper. I think he was miffed at having missed this, and now is trying to
temporize (see his comments on this situation in his great book on horned
dinosaurs) by maintaining that "Lammers family" is a singular noun requiring a singular genitive inflection. The ICZN, however, considers only the number of people being honored, and if it's more than one, the ending -orum or -arum is mandated (-orum in this instance).

It is most certainly true that Peter was not particularly happy about George's emending the name...

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