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Is anything new about "C-rex"?

Good day to all list members.
I was just wondering what happened to (once thought to be) the
largest _Tyrannosaurus rex_ specimen ever found. So called "C-rex"
specimen (or rather its fragmentary remains) were found during
infamous 2000 summer field season in the area of the Fort peck
reservoir. More at:
C-rex is stated to be of 10% larger than "Sue", i.e. about 44 feet.
Since there's a sudden silence ocurred, I suspect they probably
re-estimated the specimen...or is still waiting for preparation or
something? There's almost nothing about it on the Museum of the
Rockies web site. For any info, thank you in advance. 

P.S. I have to admit a mistake of mine with number of extant taxa. My
source was wrong and I didn't make my own online search. The current
number of surviving species is something up to 1.7 million, although
it's expected there's more than 4 million, someone even proposed
number of 100 million species, which seems exaggerated to me.

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