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FW: paleonet The passing of Richard Benson . . .

>From Paleonet: Richard Benson, former Chair of Paleobiology at the
Smithsonian, just passed away.

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Subject: paleonet The passing of Richard Benson . . .

With great sadness, I announce that Dick Benson, Senior Scientist and
Curator of Ostracodes at the Smithsonian NMNH, passed away this week
from an apparent heart attack. Dick had a profound impact upon our
conceptualization and understanding of ostracodes and, as those of
you who knew him, was an incredible character on many levels. He will
be greatly missed. If you would like to send a card or note,
addresses for Dick's wife, Elsie, and his Smithsonian community (c/o
Carlita Sanford, his long-time research assistant) are provided
below. Sincerely, Stephen

Mrs. Elsie Benson
111 Swan Creek Road
Port Washington, MD 20744

Ms. Carlita Sanford
Department of Paleobiology
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
P.O. Box 37012 NHB MRC 121
Washington, DC 20013-7012

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