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Re: Oviraptorid mandibular symphysis

Nick Gardner wrote-

> I was going over Maryanska et al., 2002 this morning, and I noticed that
> oviraptorids are coded as having a tightly sutured mandibular symphysis as
> opposed to a fused one.  Correct me if I am wrong, but does not
> oviraptorids, caenagnathids (which are coded correctly), and Caudipteryx
> have a fused mandibular symphysis?

Caudipteryx has an unfused symphysis, as can be seen by the fact all the
mandibles are disarticulated from each other (Ji et al., 1998; Zhou et al.,
2000).  Chirostenotes has a fused symphysis (Currie et al., 1994).  A suture
can be seen between the dentaries of Citipati osmolskae (IGM 100/978) (Clark
et al., 2002), showing at least some oviraptorids had unfused symphyses.  No
others are illustrated or described sufficiently to tell, but Maryanska et
al.'s codings apparently confirm this was the norm in the family.

Mickey Mortimer