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Hiram Bingham or Roy Chapman Andrews?

The current issue of Time (February 24, 2003) has an article titled 
"Spiritual Retreat" about Machu Picchu and its possible purpose.  The article 
says about the Incan city's discoverer, Hiram Bingham:

             The charismatic Bingham--a Yale University archaeologist, later 
             a Connecticut Governor and U.S. Senator and much later a 
             model for Hollywood's Indiana Jones--announced in a series
             of magazine articles and best-selling books, what he had 
             found, and the world ate them up.

There is a picture of Bingham on p. 46 which shows him in hat and vest, 
captioned "DISCOVERER...Bingham, in camp, was a model for Indiana Jones."  
However, books and websites about Roy Chapman Andrews claim that _he_ was the 
model for Indy.  The early 20th century produced many daring/dashing 
explorers so perhaps more than a few were the I.J. character?