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Re: Hiram Bingham or Roy Chapman Andrews?

Jane Davidson says:
    << Well I have always heard the story that it was RCA who was the "model" 
Indiana Jones.  >>

       Well, the Central Asiatic Expedition did have a snake episode and a 
sidekick named "Buckshot". It's my understanding that Walter Granger is the 
one most overlooked in the adventure department. 
       Interestingly, back some years ago, there was a brief flurry of rumors 
to the effect that the third Indiana Jones film (with Sean Connery) was to 
have been filmed using Phil Tippett-animated dinosaurs. Of course it never 
came to pass much like the lamented Willis O'Brien projects, Gwangi, Valley 
of the Mist, and War Eagles. I believe the property morphed eventually into 
Disney's "Dinosaur". DV