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Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

Several genera that may have been synonymized with Iguanodon on the basis of similarities with I. atherfieldensis include: Heterosaurus, Therosaurus, Vectisaurus, and Sphenospondylus.

It was my impression_Therosaurus mantelli_ (= _Iguanodon mantelli_) was a junior objective synonym of _Iguanodon anglicus_. Both species are _nomina dubia_, based on the same indeterminate type material. _Therosaurus_ appears to be an arbitrary renaming of _Iguanodon_. Thus, Fitzinger's _Therosaurus_ can be removed from contenton.

However, _Heterosaurus neocomiensis_, _Vectisaurus valdensis_, and _Sphenospondylus gracilis_ have all been considered subjective junior synonyms of _I. atherfieldensis_; and as the type species for their respective genera, all three offer possible available generic names for _I. atherfieldensis_. I'm not certain that _S. gracilis_ is a valid species, but the other two are based on decent material. Whether they pertain to the same species as _I. atherfieldensis_ is another matter. As George notes, if they are, the species names would have priority over _atherfieldensis_.


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