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interesting Triassic stains

In the recent past, I've been chided and ridiculed for "seeing things"
in the stains and impressions I find in scans of fossil pterosaur
pictures. Well, it's time to put the ole sore neck on the chopping block

In the often-pictured holotype of Eudimorphodon ranzii there is a
wonderfully preserved skeleton on a slab and surrounding it are a number
of stains. If anyone previously has attempted to identify these stains
and impressions, please let me know. If any one wants to look for
themselves here's what you'll find:

1. a small soft crest atop the posterior premaxilla (in front of the
orbits here).
2. a series of paired streamers leading from the orbit posteriorly a
distance 2/3 the length of the skull, near the middle of which are the
paired sclerotic rings followed by a pair of streamers. I suppose this
tangled mess s drifting soft tissue (optic nerves, etc) still connected
to the skull interior at the time of burial.
3. a dewlap
4. a larnyx
5. a propatagium
6. two narrow-chord wings, both attached to the elbows. One clearly
crosses the sternal complex. The trailing edge looks like a crack.
7. fuselage fillets (both sides), small membranes that fill the gap
between elbow, torso and femur
8. what Wild (1978) described as the prepubis appears to be the broken
open head of the femur, so now the femur is no longer the "too short"
anomaly it was. The "head " of the femur has only a small articular bump
without a constricted neck.
9. the base of the coracoid expands into a delta ventrally.
10.a complete pelvis
11. and the real prepubis.

Still no feet.   And not much tail.

Any one who wishes to see the stains and correspond on this subject is
free to drop a line.

More later~

David Peters
St. Louis