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Re: interesting Triassic stains

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, David Peters wrote:
> In the recent past, I've been chided and ridiculed for "seeing things"
> in the stains and impressions I find in scans of fossil pterosaur
> pictures. Well, it's time to put the ole sore neck on the chopping block
> again.
> In the often-pictured holotype of Eudimorphodon ranzii there is a
> wonderfully preserved skeleton on a slab and surrounding it are a number
> of stains. If anyone previously has attempted to identify these stains
> and impressions, please let me know. If any one wants to look for
> themselves here's what you'll find:
> [...]
> Any one who wishes to see the stains and correspond on this subject is
> free to drop a line.

Ok, you got my curiousity going. I'd like to see tho not necessarily
correspond on it. Is there somewhere you could post a picture? Web site
or something?