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Syntarsus/Megapnosaurus resolution

 Hi there, 

 I work for a photo library and I'm researching some illustrations of 
Syntarsus - or Megapnosaurus. I see from your archives that this 
animal's name is a teensy bit controversial. 

 Could someone possibly tell me what the best term to use is for a 
general audience? I understand that the name Syntarsus is invalidated, 
but it seems that the "joke" Megapnosaurus name might have been 
rejected by palaeontologists.

 I am writing for an audience of non-specialists, so I can't go into much 
detail about the naming issue, but I am thinking of writing 
"Megapnosaurus (previously called Syntarsus) sp." Would this be 
acceptable? I don't want the library to get nasty letters 6 months down 
the line!

 I feel like I've set off for the library and ended up in the juiciest bit of 
the battle of Stalingrad... 

 Many thanks for any help or advice the list can offer ... 

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