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> > I therefore opted to follow Ben Creisler's advice and not use  
> > _Megapnosaurus_, but to state or infer that use of the name  
> > _Syntarsus_ for the theropod is presently pending review.  
> > The best way to deal with this for a caption might be  
> > "_Syntarsus_ (name currently pending revision) sp." or  
> > something similar.  
> >  
> > Darren Naish  
> This is a wise choice. IMHO now it's up to HP Mike Raath to be heard   
> about this issue.  
> Cheers - Aspidel.  
While it is wisest, there is a simpler choice -- to call it *Coelophysis*.  
The only conspicuous difference from *C. bauri* is that it lived later, 
after all.  
Weren't the Getae Sarmatic like the Iazyges and Roxolanes? (Whatever, if  
anything, Sarmatic means...)  

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