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David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

While it is wisest, there is a simpler choice -- to call it *Coelophysis*. The only conspicuous difference from *C. bauri* is that it lived later, after all.

That works for _S. rhodesiensis_ - and Alex Downs' work pretty much nails the synonymy of _Syntarsus_ (=_Megapnosaurus_) and _Coelophysis_. But what do you call _"Syntarsus" kayentakatae_?

Apparently the authors of _Megapnosaurus_ thought Mike Raath was dead:


The rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated: the good Dr Raath was alive after all. Perhaps he was like our ancient Gothic friend Zalmoxes: he hid underground for three years, and people just thought he was dead.


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