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> That works for _S. rhodesiensis_ - and Alex Downs' work pretty much   
> nails the synonymy of _Syntarsus_ (=_Megapnosaurus_) and _Coelophysis_.   
> But what do you call _"Syntarsus" kayentakatae_?   
Hmmm... *Coelophyis*, too? Anyway, it is no type species so far... let's 
wait until someone figures out its phylogenetic position. :-) 
> Apparently the authors of _Megapnosaurus_ thought Mike Raath was dead:   
> http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/2002Feb/msg00086.html   
> The rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated: the good Dr Raath was   

> alive after all.   
I must say that sending a letter (and just one at that) into a country 
like Zimbabwe was a bit naïve. If even Austria, something like the 7th 
richest country in the world, can't manage to speed up its snail-mail to 
anything acceptable... who knows how soon the letter was opened to look 
for money, or in what mud it rotted after having been lost. 
> Perhaps he was like our ancient Gothic friend Zalmoxes:  
Anything but Gothic. Well, most probably Indo-European, but that probably  
was it. :-)  

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