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Triceratops Restoration

Travis Wood asks:

 << I am currently working on a life restoration of Triceratops in 
plasticine.  I was wondering if anyone could suggest some helpful 
references.  I'm planning to do some sketching at museums, but I will need 
some good books to refer to once the actual sculpting begins.  Anything 
dealing with ceratopsian skeletal reconstructions, theories on posture, 
etc. would be helpful. >>

Pack a nice lunch and perhaps a change of clothes and visit the DML archives 
Enter "ceratopsian posture" and mine away. Greg Paul has published his views 
on the subject. A somewhat different scheme utilized in a new mount of 
Triceratops at the Smithsonian has yet to be published upon as far as I know. 
That shoe has yet to drop. 
As a starter, you might want to pick up a copy of _The Scientific American 
Book of Dinosaurs_ for Greg's ideas and illustrations.
I wish Greg had a website. I'm very surprised he doesn't. DV