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Me wrote...

> > Hi Jon, thanks for your thoughts on iguanodontian
> > systematics (am ccing this to DML).

And Jon wrote...

> Actually, this makes me a little grumpy, as my response was intended to
> be FYEO. 

ARGHHHHH!!!!!! Let me take this oppurtunity to 
apologise unreservedly and publicly for my mistake: Jon I 
am really really really sorry, I was absolutely sure when I 
sent that response that your email had been sent to the DML 
as well as to me. I just checked the archives though and it is 
definitely my bad. D'oh! [say as battle droid in Episode I].

There's no excuse (though I can provide a few if anyone 
wants - - poor eyesight due to staring at Brazilian small 
theropods and the writings of Robert Martin, Richard 
Forrest and John Hutchinson; stress induced by the internal 
workings of the British estate sales industry; the downfall of 
democracy; laziness; general inefficiency; a preoccupation 
with European larks [there _are_ 20 species you know!], the 
work of Kate Bush and the teeth of _Istiodactylus_ [Dave 
Peters knows what I'm talking about:)]; and the impending 
visit of Nick Longrich). Sorry again.

I take your points on _Iguanodon_, may reply at a later 

Darren Naish
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Portsmouth UK, PO1 3QL

email: darren.naish@port.ac.uk
tel: 023 92846045