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Hairy Hypsilophodontids

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that a skin
impression believed to belong to _Hypsilophodon_
showed signs of pitting similar to that of chicken
skin post-plucking, and therefore showing a
possibility of at least bristles, if not feathers.
Does anybody else know of this specimen, or have I
dreamt it?

I ask as, although my dinosaur systematics are a bit
rusty, I recall reading of the discovery of bristles
on the tail of a psittacosaurid, and I was under the
impression that psittacosaurids were an "offshoot" of
the ornithopoda. Could these bristles be a remnant of
their hypsilophodontid, or even ornithopod, ancestry,
or are they just a derived feature which appeared in
the psittacosaurids and then disappeared, or are there
examples of bristles in other marginocephalians?

Simon M. Clabby

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