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Re: Hairy Hypsilophodontids

 --- Tetanurae@aol.com wrote: >  
> Unfortunately, I know nothing 
> else about it, nor do I know of any other
> "hypsilophodontid" skin fossils.

There may be one at Dinosaur Isle, Isle of Wight, as
according to the catalogue of dinosaurian material in
that museum, as published in Martill and Naish's
"Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight", there is an entry
that reads 
"6626  .....  _H.foxii_  Skin". 

> Additionally, psittacosaurids are not an "offshoot
> of ornithopods" but basal 
> ceratopsians, and the most recent common ancestor of
> Psittacosauridae and 
> Ornithopoda probably lived in the Early Jurassic. 
> --+--Ornithopoda
>   `--+--?Heterodontosauridae
>      `--+--Pachycephalosauria
>         `--+--Psittacosauridae
>            `--Neoceratopsia

When I called psittacosaurids an offshoot I meant it
in such a way as to mean "psittacosaurids had an
ornithopod ancestor", not "Psittacosaurids are

Simon M. Clabby

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