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Tyrannosaurid Cervical

hello all! :-)

I am coming across conflicting reports on this issue. According to Maleev 1955 (Giant Carnivorous Dinosaurs of Mongolia) and Maleev 1974, tyrannosaurids have opisthocoelous cervicals, but according to Maleev 1955 (New Carnivorous Dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia), Makovicky 1995, and the figures in Currie & Zhiming 2001, they appear to have amphicoelous cervicals. Could someone clarify as to what the heck is going on with this?

Also, in regards to my last message about oviraptorosaur mandibular symphysi, Incisivosaurus has a fused mandibular symphysis (Xu et al. 2002).

Unrelated to either things and totally off-topic (redundant, I am), does anyone know the complete citation for HP Jack Conrad's 1999 article on therizinosauroids (The Problematic Therizinosauroids: The Nature of the Beasts)? I think it was published in Dinosaur Illustrated Magazine, but I'm not sure of the exacts, and I cannot find that site any longer. :-(


Nick Gardner

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