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Re: Hairy Hypsilophodontids

--- "Simon M. Clabby" <dinowight@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Ah, there we are then! I'm stuck in the world of
> Ornithopoda and Neornithopoda, as opposed to the
> correct world of Cerapoda and Ornithopoda!

Actually this gets  a bit complicated.

Cooper 1985 named, among other things, these groups:
Neornithischia (thyreophorans, heterodontosaurids, pachycephalosaurs, and
Neornithopoda (heterodontosaurids, pachycephalosaurs, and ceratopsians)

Note that the former would generally be considered non-monophyletic nowadays,
as it lacks ornithopods. The latter is a pretty bad name, since it includes no
ornithopods. I don't know if these taxa were rigorously defined or not; I'm
going by Pete's, er, HP Buchholz's summary here:

Sereno 1986 defined _Cerapoda_ as _Ornithopoda_ + _Marginocephalia_. But Sereno
1997 uses _Neornithischia_ for this clade.

Applying these and some others to what is generally accepted nowadays:

`--_Cerapoda_/_Neornithischia_ Sereno 1997 non Cooper 1985
   |  |==(basal stuff)
   |  `--_Euornithopoda_
   |     |--_Hypsilophodon_
   |     `--_Iguanodontia_
      |--Heterodontosauridae (OOC, has this ever been defined?)

So, make of that what you will. I don't know of anyone currently using Cooper's
taxa or definitions (if there were any; haven't read it).

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