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Allosaurus dichotomy

Last August, Mickey Mortimer kindly posted a summary of Dan Chure's thesis
to the list. One of the points of interest was Chure's examination of the
A.fragilis/atrox dichotomy. Chure states that USNM 4734 is the only example
of a short, triangular snouted skull, and was heavily reconstructed.  He
concludes that the short, triangular snouted allosaur does not actually
Okay, two questions: Has Chure's thesis been finished up and published
properly yet? and if the short, triangular skulled allosaur does not exist,
where does that leave AMNH 600? Erwin Christman's illustration of the
specimen suggests that it has not been subject to much restoration, and it
looks short and triangular to me, certainly very different from UUVP6000 and

Any opinions, anyone?
Michael Lovejoy