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Dino Drinking Riddle * Learn From The Cretaceous Ecology * B.C. Museums Dig Up Dinosaurs * Earliest T-Rex fossil identified

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

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The headlines:

**  Solving the riddle of what the dino saw and where it drank
In the same way, dinosaurs that slurped from the swamp laid eggs that were
distinct from those laid by dinosaurs that sipped from a sparkling spring

**  Children's Museum Gets Ready for Dinosaurs
A paleo expert and hairdresser to stars like Olivia Newton John and Clint
Eastwood, Lanzendorf has been collecting since the age of 12

**  Learn From The Cretaceous Ecology Or Be Doomed To Repeat It
Only 21 percent of species made it across the K-T boundary, and only 11
species originate in the Paleocene indicating the recovery was not immediate

**  B.C. museums dig up dinosaurs from around the globe
For years researchers here have been chipping away at limestone and shale,
looking for evidence of creatures that lived during the Mesozoic Era, the
mid-life measure comprising the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods:
the age of the dinosaurs


**  Sue: Still Hot After All Those Years
The dinosaur was discovered by paleontologist Sue Hendrickson in 1990 on a
South Dakota Indian reservation

**  Dinosaur or pond scum: Their fate's the same
He was one of the first scientists to confirm that dinosaurs were not
gradually becoming extinct at the time of their sudden demise but were in
fact flourishing

**  Fossil suggests four-winged dinosaur
>From the fine-grained rock of China's Chaoyang Basin has sprung yet another
strange prehistoric creature - a four-winged dinosaur that more closely
resembled a flying squirrel than a ravaging beast

**  Kidosaurs roam Burke on Dinosaur Day
A slew of curators and graduate students will be on hand to explain the dino
fossils, as well as dinosaur-era vertebrates, invertebrates, microfossils,
plants and minerals

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**  Earliest T-Rex fossil identified
It's a long tooth and it's long in the tooth as well, buried for 125 years
in a drawer full of fossils.

**  Nature took two bites at the tooth, but only one survived
But the armoured fish, known as placoderms, split from this branch of the
evolutionary tree before our line evolved teeth

**  Feathers not unique to birds: Chinese scientists
Feathers appeared on some species of dinosaurs that could run at fast speeds
and had few evolutionary links with birds, such as Caudipteryx and the
species unearthed in China, Sinosauropteryx prima

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