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New Year's Greetings

L'shanah tovah...boker tov...yom tov...in memory of
Arthur Conan Doyle, Roger Casement/John Roxton, E.D.
Morel/E.D. Malone, A.S. Woodward/Professor Summerlee,
Maple White, OBie, Harry Hoyt, Marcel Delgado, Max
Steiner, Noble Johnson,Charles R. Knight, Mario
Larrinaga, Roy Chapman Andrews in spite of himself,
Gershom Scholem, L.S. Russell's hot-blooded dinosaurs,
 Ned Colbert, Stephen Gould, Calvin & Hobbes...I wish
to extend to all on this forum greetings &
salutations, and hoping that, during these coming
months, the debates will be thorough and uncensored,
the data rigorous in parameters.
May the sense of wonder in the Imagi-Nation be
nourished by the immortal storms of awe. And to the
family of John Ostrom the fortitude to remember his
ideas are forever a part of scientific revolutions.

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