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Re siberian traps

KEN MARTIN has informed me that I sent a message that got truncated.  Sorry to 
all. So here it is again (you can go back and pick up the conversation after 
this point). 

Thanks Ken.
Frank is real, so no need to put his name in quotes. He is a physicist at the 
National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) in Boulder, Colorado. He developed the 
Denver Museum's sky camera program set up across the state for tracking 
meteorites. He is also working on a paper with a nuclear weapons physicist at 
Lawrence Livermore on trying to better estimate the megatonnage of energy 
released from crater size.
Everyone's criticism of Frank's statement have all focused on his last 
hyperbole, rather than his criticism of the sloppy thinking behind some of the 
stories about impacts. One has only look at David Raup and the impact 
periodicity as a classic example of seeing what you want. As has been pointed 
out several times, there is no periodicity, even in Raup's own data. As for the 
Chatterjee reference, that appeared in the Proceedings of the Godwanan Dinosaur 
Symposium (Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, 1996). He states that either the 
Deccan Trap basalts are the effects of the shock wave propagating through the 
earth from the Chicxulub impact OR that there was an impact in what he calls 
the Shiva Crater off the west coast of India. He even states that this crater 
is larger than the Chicxulub. How can he know the size of the crater if he 
isn't even sure it is one?
Hopefully this clarifies things.

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