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Re: the future is wild, review

I agree with the problems HP Gardner pointed out, but I take comfort in 
the hope that most of the really objectionable stuff (i.e. the voice-
over commentary in its entirety) was tacked on after the fact.  There 
are several times when the commentary does not match what we see on the 
(X: "...and the mighty toraton falls with a crash like a meteor" 
[toraton slumps over and goes 'phwiit'])
Also, I've done a lot of snooping around in the FIW website, and I know 
they had a lot of animals that were simply skipped over in the TV show, 
like the facinating bird-life in Antarctica as it drifts northward.  
Also, the makers of the FIW put a _lot_ more thought into their 
creatures than was evident in the TV show.  
So, the show stunk, but I'd still like to see the book.